Constituency Groups

Constituency Groups

Current members of NWSA can join and participate in constituency groups. Becoming active in a constituency group can support members' research interest and enhance members' networks as well as leadership skills. Conference attendees who are members can join groups via the membership form and are encouraged to attend the business meeting at the NWSA conference. Please see Article VII of the NWSA bylaws to read more about the defined roles and activities of constituency groups.

See a timeline of all NWSA Constituency Groups here.

Excerpt from Article VII from the NWSA Bylaws

NWSA offers a range of constituency group opportunities to its members in order to advance its mission, the field, and to foster paths to leadership, including but not limited to:

Caucuses. Caucuses focus on groups that are under-represented within society or NWSA.

Program Administration & Development and Women’s Centers. These two groups focus roles that are vital to the NWSA mission.

Task Forces. Task Forces focus on an issue relevant to NWSA that can be addressed through action.

Interest Groups. Interest groups focus on areas of scholarly inquiry.

Status & Operation

General. The GC may set policy regarding constituency groups, consistency with these bylaws.

Members. Individual members interested in joining one or more constituency groups do so via their annual membership forms.

Leadership. In order to fulfill their role as paths to leadership and maintain process consistency throughout NWSA, constituency groups are expected to have a Chair of Record defined as follows: A constituency group chair is elected via election by the members as set forth in Article VIII.A-C of the bylaws. Constituency group chairs are subject to the terms/term limits set forth in Article VIII.D of the bylaws. Groups with co-chairs to manage their affairs must designate one (1) individual as Chair of Record.


General. Constituency groups may not act on behalf of NWSA or commit NWSA resources.

Propose a New Constituency Group

Please submit the following to the NWSA Office before September 1st of any year to be listed on the form for the following year's membership form.

  • Its name,
  • Its purpose relative to the mission of NWSA, AND
  • The signatures of at least twenty-five (25) current members (Note: We do not require handwritten signatures. You can submit a spreadsheet with the name, institution, and email address of the 25 members. The NWSA office will verify their current individual memberships)

Join a Constituency Group

You can join a constituency group when you join or renew your membership with NWSA or after you have completed the membership process. Please make sure you include the appropriate feee if necessary.

Log in and join constituency groups online. Current members will see the tab "My Caucuses" on the left hand side of the page. You must have a current NWSA membership to join a constituency group.

Constituency Groups and Chairs

NOTE: Elections for Group Chairs take place in September with some group elections in odd years and some in even years. Check the Constituency Group Chair election page for details.

Chairs can access their group's roster using the instructions in the NWSA Constituency Group Leadership Packet. If you run into any problems using the tools, please email

NWSA Committees

Program Administration and Development (PAD)
Chairs: Jenn Brandt and Diana Price Herndl

Women's Centers Committee (WCC)
Chairs: Jennifer Graham and Amanda Linsenmeyer

NWSA Caucuses

Aging and Ageism Caucus, Melanie Cattrell

Community College Caucus, Brianne Waychoff

Feminist Mothering Caucus, Alexandra-Grissell Gomez

Girls and Girls Studies Caucus, Aria S. Halliday

Graduate Student Caucus, Taryn Jordan

Indigenous Peoples Caucus, Maya Mikdashi

Jewish Caucus, Jonathan Branfman and Abby Gondek

Lesbian Caucus, Montinique D. McEachern and Briona S. Jones

North American Asian Feminist Collective, Xin Huang

Queer and Trans People of Color Caucus, Moya Bailey and Ana Bernal

South Asian Feminist Caucus, Prathim-Maya Dora-Laskey

Trans/Gender Variant Caucus, Mikaela Feroli and Carey Jean Sojka

Transnational Feminisms Caucus, Ginetta Candelario

Undergraduate Student Caucus, Francesca Carlos

Women of Color Caucus, Whitney Peoples and Lisa Covington

NWSA Interest Groups

Animal Studies/Animal Ethics Interest Group, Lindsay Garcia

Asexuality Studies Interest Group, Anna Kurowicka and Theresa Kenney

Arts and Performance Interest Group, Elizabeth Currans

Confronting Campus Sexual Assault, Simona Sharoni and Yi-Chun Tricia Lin

Contingent Faculty Interest Group, Valerie Taylor

Disabilities Studies Interest Group, Krista Miranda

Distance Education Interest Group, Xeturah Woodley

Early Modern Women Interest Group, Donna Thompson

Fat Studies Interest Group, Sara Diaz

Feminism and Activism Interest Group, Colette Morrow

Feminists for Justice In/For Palestine, Simona Sharoni

Feminist Masculinities Interest Group, Antonia Randolph

Feminist Media Studies Interest Group, Lakia Shavon Lightner

Feminist Pedagogy Interest Group, Melanie Adley

Feminist Spirituality Interest Group, Shari Valentine

Gender, Women's, and Feminist Studies (GWFS) PhD Interest Group, Jae Basiliere

Law and Public Policy Interest Group, Lisa Alfredson and Leifa Mayers

Libraries and Archives Interest Group, Sara Howard

Publishing Feminisms Interest Group, Agatha Beins

Reproductive Justice Interest Group, Nikole Sanders

Third Wave Feminisms Interest Group, Crystal Jackson

NWSA Task Forces

Anti White Supremacy Task Force, Kathleen Holgerson

International Task Force, Mehra Shirazi

Science and Technology Task Force, Jade Sasser, Rajani Bhatia, and Vange Heiliger

Social Justice Education Task Force, Margaret Lowry

Academic Freedom Task Force, Robin Hackett and Siobhan Senier