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The NWSA is a Federal recognized 501(c) non-profit, donating to the National Women's Studies Association will help sustain our organization’s future as the leading academic organization in the fields of women's, gender, sexuality, and feminist studies.

We welcome, and of course encourage, donations of any size to help sustain our daily operations, programs and initiatives, as well as our signature Annual Conference.

What is Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies?

The NWSA General Fund 

Donating to the NWSA General fund helps sustain our organization’s future as the leading academic organization in the fields of women's, gender, sexuality, and feminist studies. The general fund supports NWSA's day to day operations, our people power, resource development, and membership engagement opportunities. The Association continues to maintain its staff salaries and opportunities for leadership development - such as undergraduate and graduate internships and practicums.


Women of Color Leadership Project Fund

Founded in 2001, the Women of Color Leadership Project (WoCLP) co-chairs and participants depend upon the support and generosity of the network of former WoCLP co-chairs and participants as well as the broader NWSA community to sustain this annual pre-conference experience. Donations support registration waivers and meals for accepted cohort members during the pre-conference. Former participants have gone on to serve in different leadership roles throughout NWSA, including our Board President, Vice President, and leaders of a variety of caucuses and interest groups. We invite you to learn more about our WoCLP program!

NWSA Book Prize Fund

The Association welcomes donations in support of our annual NWSA Book Prize Fund; your donation will assist in supporting several annual book prize awards including the Gloria E. Anzaldúa Book Prize, the Sarah P. Whaley Book Prize, and the Alison Piepmeier Book Prize. These awards and prizes support new and innovative scholarship and praxis that embodies the richness of our interdisciplinary field. Awardees receive a certificate, award monies, and are celebrated at our Awards Recognition program during our Annual Conference.


NWSA Student Awards Fund

Donating to the NWSA Student Awards Fund supports several annual student awards including the NWSA Women of Color Caucus-Frontiers Student Essay Award, Trans/Gender-Variant Caucus Award, NWSA Graduate Scholarship, and the Lesbian Caucus Award. These awards celebrate emerging scholars and serve as a platform for amplifying the work of students across our membership. We encourage you to explore our student awards - including our past winners!


NWSA Activist Fund

The NWSA Activist fund, started in 2017, is made possible by individual donors in an effort to bridge feminist scholarship and activist communities. We are at a unique historical moment when feminists, many of them newly energized and politicized, are critically positioned to influence a resurgent mass-based political movement. The 2017 NWSA Annual Conference linked activists and scholars intergenerationally and across lines of race and ethnicity, and made a powerful contribution by infusing history, theory and transnational framework into the political discourse surrounding the movement. We are asking for support to continue this important bridging of communities.


Travel Grant Fund

The National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) is able to award a limited number of travel grants and registration waivers to support the full conference participation of members facing varying levels of economic precarity through the Ann K. Schonberger Travel and Registration Grant. We welcome donations to strengthen our conference travel grant fund in order to meet the growing needs of members navigating varying forms of precarity as well as hardship. Each year, we award grants to support participation from students, community organizers, independent scholars, and others who might be prevented from participating due to lack of funding.


Our Vision

The NWSA has a vision of a world in which all persons can develop to their fullest potential and be free from all the ideologies and structures that consciously oppress and exploit some for the advantage of others. We recognize that this is a vision for which we strive, and at the same time recognizes that members of NWSA have different conceptions of feminism and the best methods for achieving NWSA’s mission.

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Join Our Constituency Groups

Current Members of NWSA can join and participate in constituency groups, which are member-driven spaces focused on facilitating networks of support, exploring scholarly and activist topics, professional standards within subsets of the discipline, and fostering community connections based upon shared socio-political locations. Constituency Groups also invite leadership development for members and support the NWSA vision in strengthening the reach of a WGSS-grounded education.

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