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Membership Frequently Asked Questions

The National Women's Studies Association has over 1,300 committed individual and institutional members across the globe. If you are interested in becoming a member, please click the link below to see more information on membership types and benefits. If you have questions about membership, please view the list of questions below, if you question is still unanswered please email

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General Questions

Anyone can be a member of the National Women's Studies Association!

NWSA invites all those with a passion for feminism to become members, no matter the type of your degree.

Individual memberships are for individual people, institutional memberships are for organization's, programs, departments, and centers who will utilize one admin membership and three free student memberships. If you are unsure of which you should purchase please email our office. 

The limit does not exist! You are welcome to join as many consistency groups as you like.

Unfortunately, life memberships are no longer available for purchase. We recommend selecting auto renewal upon becoming a member so that your membership never expires!

Already a Member? Member Specific Questions Are Below!

On our login page select 'Did You Forget Your Password?' and enter your email and you will immediately receive a link to reset your password. 

Your membership will expire 12 months after you have paid your membership dues. You can also sign up for auto renewal in your profile settings so you never miss renewing your membership! If you paid your 2024 dues before 3/11/2024 your membership will expire on 12/31/2024.

If your membership is up to date, you are welcome to join our Constituency Groups - they are located in the "all communities" tab under "NWSA Community", which are viewable when you are logged into your account. Please note that there are a number of Caucus groups that warrant additional membership dues; you can pay those dues on the "Constituency Groups" page located under the "membership" tab. 

If you would like to cancel your membership with the NWSA please email our office at 

NWSA Members receive reduced rates for the NWSA conference, the earlier your register the lower the cost!

Join a Constituency Group!

Current Members of NWSA can join and participate in Constituency Groups, which are member-driven spaces focused on facilitating networks of support, exploring scholarly and activist topics, professional standards within subsets of the discipline, and fostering community connections based upon shared socio-political locations.

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