Annual Conference FAQs

Annual Conference Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions and points of clarification about our Annual Conference - we've assembled responses to our most common questions and inquiries to be of further support! We invite you to review the content below and reach out to if your question is unanswered.

General Conference Questions

The 2024 Annual Conference will convene at the Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit, Michigan USA; all sessions and conference events will be hosted on-site.

Huntington Place
1 Washington Blvd
Detroit, MI 48226

The NWSA secured a reduced rate room block at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center for conference attendees. You can reserve your room here. Please note this portal closes October 21st, 2024. In past years, the NWSA room block was full by the end of the summer before the conference; therefore, we suggest booking your room as soon as you are able. 
Renaissance Center, 
400 Renaissance Dr W, 
Detroit, MI 48243

The General Conference will begin on Thursday 11/14 at 1:00 PM and will end on Sunday 11/17 at 3:00 PM. 

In order for your work to be considered for the NWSA Annual Conference, you must submit to our submission site Oxford Abstracts. Presenters have two different options when submitting their proposals - you’ll be able to submit your work in one of two formats, as an individual paper submission or as a panel submission. 

Please see the below table to ensure you are submitting to the correct form depending on your presentation format:

Individual Submission Form:

  • Individual Papers

  • Posters

Panel Submission Form:

  • Authors Meets Critics

  • Constituency Group Sponsored Session

  • General Conference Session

  • Pre-Conference: Program & Administration Development

  • Pre-Conference: Women's Centers

  • Roundtable Session

  • Workshop Session

NWSA recommends bringing a laptop or electronic device (ie. tablet), note taking paper and something to write with. We encourage you to bring any materials that will ensure your engagement comfortably throughout the conference. For presenters utilizing technology (such as laptops), we are unable to provide adapters and therefore suggest bringing your own to access your visual materials. For members interested in traveling across the United States of America and Canadian border, you are welcome to bring any applicable travel documents.

All presenters, including pre-conference presenters, poster session participants, and moderators must have an active NWSA individual membership AND be registered for the general conference. 

Membership and conference registration require separate fees. We recommend updating your individual membership first before registering for the conference in order to receive the reduced rate. 

Each presenting member of a panel, workshop, or presentation, including the moderator, must meet these requirements. If you have organized a panel with community partners and activists, each presenter is required to be a current NWSA member and registered for the conference by the August 30th, 2024 deadline.

There is no mobile app for the 44th conference. Our official conference submission portal, Oxford Abstracts, can be accessed via mobile phones in your browser. We received feedback noting that a more accessible means of viewing conference details is/was sorely needed. You will not need to download a mobile app to access Oxford Abstracts and it will allow you to connect/chat with other attendees, build your own schedule, and see accurate details for sessions/events. 

Full conference information can also be found at the 2024 Annual Conference page on our website. 

All conference submitters will receive “Accept/Decline” notifications via Oxford Abstracts no later than the week of July 1st. 

Volunteer moderators are needed for some conference sessions. All accepted moderators and presenters must fulfill the requirements of individual membership and conference registration. NWSA staff will contact you in August 2024 to match you with a panel.

Meals are not provided during the conference. Some institutions, caucuses, and other sponsored groups will choose to host receptions/meetings that may have food and beverage available but this is not guaranteed. 

Registration Questions

Early Bird conference registration will begin on May 1st and will end August 30th. Information on registration fee timelines and pricing can be found on our registration page; registration links will be available upon their opening. 

There are two core NWSA Pre-Conferences which require registration: the Program Administration and Development (PAD) pre-conference and the Women’s Centers Committee (WC) Pre-Conference. 

In order to attend either pre-conference, attendees will pay an additional $125 USD to register. This rate is inclusive of the breakfast and lunch that will be provided. The last day to register for either of these pre-conferences is September 1st, 2024. 

If you are accepted to the Women of Color Leadership Project Pre-Conference you will receive free registration as part of your acceptance into the 2024 Cohort.

The NWSA offers a limited number of registration scholarships and travel grants to accepted presenters.  NWSA especially encourages student research and involvement at its Annual Conferences via scholarship awards. NWSA offers a limited number of registration scholarships and travel grants to accepted presenters.  Students, scholars and activists with a demonstrated need for financial assistance are encouraged to apply. Particular consideration will be given to assisting those with need who have not previously received NWSA travel grants.

The registration scholarships and travel grants are also intended to encourage the participation of individuals from under-represented and/or precarious constituencies in the NWSA. The travel grant and registration scholarship application  application closes on April 30th, 2024

At this time, NWSA does not offer official group rates for Annual Conference registration. However, we are willing to work with departments and organizations sending large amounts of students to our conference. Please email our Operations Manager, Courtney Carroll, at with the details of your group, budget information and any other details you would like us to know in order to review your request.

Guest registration fees are applicable to all partners and/or individuals who will not attend concurrent sessions but may be interested in attending Annual Conference events such as receptions, plenaries, etc. More information will be available October 2024.

Presenter Questions

Participants can be in no more than two sessions, including presenter and moderator roles.

NWSA often receives far more requests for AV resources than we can provide.  In our commitments to expanding our alignment with accessibility, we are working with our conference site to maximize the audio/visual capacities of our meeting spaces. Therefore, we ask that your program submissions include an audiovisual rationale to assist in the logistics planning of developing the conference program. The Proposal Review Committee will communicate updated audio-visual information, as we are able, in July 2024. 

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot bring your own projector or speakers due to union regulations. With the exception of adapters, all audiovisual equipment must be handled by the audiovisual provider. We HIGHLY recommend you bring an adapter as none will be available or provided by NWSA or the audiovisual provider.

NWSA receives far more requests for AV resources than we can provide at the conference. While we work to meet as many requests as we can, we cannot  currently provide AV to all who request it. The Proposal Review Committee reviews all requests for accepted proposals including the AV rationale and makes those decisions as a part of developing the conference program.

We encourage all presenters to also use alternative formats such as handouts to convey visual information. Our submission site, Oxford Abstracts, also functions as our virtual conference program. We encourage all presenters - regardless of A/V assignments - to provide access copies and relevant materials through the proper session channels!

Each General Conference session is 75 minutes, so please plan your individual presentation accordingly. Remember that “giving a paper” is not the same thing as “reading a paper.” Your argument should be clear and brief. Please be mindful that other presenters in your session require equal time to present. With the help of a moderator, be sure to allow time for Q&A at the end of your session, ensuring that you stay within the allotted 75 minutes. The moderator for the panel should also serve as the timekeeper.

Accessibility Questions

Any accommodation requests related to scheduling and room location (i.e. scheduling your session near an elevator/escalator, requesting an ASL interpreter, etc.) can be made in your submission through Oxford Abstracts. 

The National Women's Studies Association will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to presenters and attendees in ways that integrate, more seamlessly, our commitments to accessibility and inclusion.  Please indicate your need for accommodations using our form on the Annual Conference page on our websites.  We must receive requests for accommodations by September 1st, 2024 in order to best work with our site coordinators, vendors, and partners in the planning process. Please note that some services may be available for only some portions of the conference. 

  • NWSA is committed to making the Annual Conference accessible to all attendees. If a need arises on-site, we encourage you to stop by registration for assistance and ask for a NWSA staff person.
  • Presenters should plan to bring five physical copies of their papers, even in draft form, for the use of attendees who wish to follow the written text. Presenters who use handouts should prepare some copies in a large-print format (Sans-serif font, 16-point type size). Presenters should indicate whether they want their papers and handouts returned.
  • When speaking, position your face at an angle that allows participants to read your lips. Avoid speaking while facing away from the audience, or while looking down at papers or screens.
  • Please describe any PowerPoints or visuals.
  • If you are planning on showing video during your presentation, please plan to caption/subtitle your video or have transcripts available.
  • If engaging in experiential activities, make sure you have planned for the inclusion of all, regardless of physical and mobility abilities.
  • Consider making it possible for attendees to obtain an electronic version that allows for type size adjustments or use of text readers (creating audio from written text).

Virtual Presentation(s) Questions

The NWSA is unable to guarantee audiovisual equipment specific to hybrid presentations  for the full duration of our upcoming 2024 Annual Conference. We are working with our unionized collaborators and vendors to ensure safe and ethical working conditions throughout our time in Detroit, Michigan USA. 

We are excited to be able to offer support for hybrid presentations on Friday November 15th, 2024 with assistance from our audiovisual provider at the Huntington Place Convention Center.

2024 Keynotes and plenaries will not be live-streamed or recorded for later viewing.

Submit a Proposal

We are excited to partner with Oxford Abstracts, a streamlined platform to submit your conference proposals. In order to submit your work, you will need to make an account in Oxford Abstracts and we encourage you to use our suggested templates to prepare your submissions. Please explore our proposal resources for guidance as well as support!


Nominate or Apply for our 2024 Awards

Each year, NWSA in coordination with different NWSA caucuses and publications, offers multiple awards for people who are current members of NWSA. Awardees are announced in the Annual Conference program and are invited to participate in our award recognition event(s) hosted on-site during the conference. 

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Convening at the Huntington Place Convention Center

The 2024 Annual Conference will convene at the Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit, Michigan USA; all sessions and conference events will be hosted on-site at Huntington Place (there will be no conference events on-site at the Detroit Marriott, which is 0.6 miles away and is accessible by connected monorail). We’re excited to share more details as we confirm conference programming!

Huntington Place

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