Ann K. Schonberger Travel Grants

Making the Annual Conference More Accessible

The National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) is able to award a limited number of travel grants and registration waivers to support the full conference participation of members facing varying levels of economic precarity through the Ann K. Schonberger Travel and Registration Grant

Donate to the Travel Fund

The National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) relies on donations, grants, and program revenue to sustain our daily operations and the initiatives that allow us to support of members. Your donation to the Ann K. Schonberger Travel Grant fund will directly fund travel support or registration waivers that make attending our Annual Conference possible for low-income members and folks within the NWSA community who face precarity at the institutional level, as well as through their socio-political locations. 

Honoring Ann K. Schonberger

Ann K. Schonberger (1940-2022) was born in Madison, WI and attended Wellesley College, an institution she remained passionate about throughout her life. She then pursued a master's degree from the Harvard University School of Education and returned to Madison in the mid-1960s to pursue graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin. 

Ann would later leave her mark in academia through her service at the University of Maine's University College, where she became Director of the Women in the Curriculum and Women's Studies Program in 1991, a position she held until her retirement in 2013. Under her leadership, she grew the program to include a major, mentored women students and faculty members, and supported a statewide consortium that shared scholarship and ideas. She joined the Association's Governing Council in 2001 as a co-chair for the Program Administration and Development (PAD) Committee. NWSA is proud to honor Ann K. Schonberger’s legacy of active engagement with NWSA and feminist causes in Maine through the establishment of the Ann K. Schonberger Travel and Registration Grants.

Donate to the Travel Fund