Protocols and Procedures

The Bylaws of the National Women's Studies Association serve as Association's governing documents that outline the policies and procedures for our operations. 

Core elements of the NWSA Bylaws include elections and voting procedures for our membership, descriptions of roles for members of the Governing Council, and protocols for both daily and emergency operations.

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Member Engagement

The Bylaws of the National Women's Studies Association are amended through voting procedures at the Membership Assembly, which is a core element of the Annual Conference. Members are able to submit edits, suggestions, and resolutions to the Governing Council in preparation of the Membership Assembly.

Membership Assembly

The Association hosts a Membership Assembly each year at the Annual Conference to 

  • Receive an annual report of the status of NWSA
  • Receive reports from committees and constituent groups as appropriate
  • Deliberate upon recommendations for fostering the mission of NWSA, and
  • Consider such other business as may properly come before the membership

The Membership Assembly is a vital practice of transparent communication and accountability with members of the Association; we encourage you to review our Association Bylaws's outlining of the Membership Assembly.

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