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Research on the Field
National Women's Studies Association Digital Conference Programs, 1979-Present
Scholars at Arizona State University digitized National Women's Studies Association conference programs as part of a research project and those digital programs are now available through the Digital Repository at the University of Maryland. 

Women's Studies As Civic Engagement: Research and Recommendations
Catherine Orr
This report argues that women's studies has key lessons to offer about fostering civic engagement at the course level that will deepen student learning in the college setting, contribute respectfully to communities in which they become involved, and produce lifelong civic leaders.

A National Census of Women's and Gender Studies Programs in U.S. Institutions of Higher Education
Michael Reynolds, Shobha Shagle, Lekha Venkataraman
This comprehensive survey of women's and gender studies programs in the United States offers an overview of the field's development and quantitiave analyses of curricular offerings, faculty information, and administrative arrangements, among others. The report includes an executive summary.

Bibliography: Women's Centers in U.S. Higher Education
Compiled by Amber L. Vlasnik
Collection of books, journal articles, and reports that address the role of campus women's centers.