2024 Strategic Plan

Reconnect | Repair | Restore 

“Reconnect, Repair, Restore: A More Thoughtful, Transparent, and Trustworthy NWSA” is a two-year strategic plan President Heidi R. Lewis developed after conducting one-on-one meetings with each member of the Governing Council and the Interim Director this past November and December (2023).  

As she noted during the post-conference Governing Council meeting last fall, NWSA is a progressive nonprofit organization, but it is also “an institution that deserves to be resisted.” Even when the Association does excellent work, its members and especially its leadership should welcome questions and concerns that aid us in thinking carefully about who we claim to be and what we claim to do. Since the President has ex officio status on all NWSA committees and chairs the Governing Council, Executive Committee, Membership Assembly, and national conference, she understands that absolutely starts with her. Since her leadership will be as collaborative as it is transformative, this reinvigoration will also be guided and advanced by the Governing Council and NWSA staff.

The strategic plan is meant to be a living document that outlines some of the main ways President Lewis aims to galvanize a recommitment to the multivocal and multidirectional intellectual traditions central to our field in thoughtful, transparent, and trustworthy ways. While the plan does not aim to be exhaustive, it is collective and comprehensive. Hence, President Lewis is asking us all to do our best to understand and rally behind it at least through the rest of this year.

It’s time for NWSA to reconnect, repair, and restore.

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About our 22nd Association President

Dr. Heidi R. Lewis (She/her) is the David & Lucile Packard Professor and Associate Professor of Feminist & Gender Studies at Colorado College. Her areas of specialization are Feminist Theory and Politics (emphasis on Black Feminism), Hip Hop Discourse (emphasis on Rap), and Critical Media Studies. You can learn more about Dr. Lewis and her work by clicking the button below!