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Annual Conference

2018 Conference Co-Chairs
Barbara Ransby, University of Illinois, Chicago
Premilla Nadasen, Barnard College
2018 Review Chairs
SUBTHEME ONE: Afro-futurism, feminist futures, surrealist thought and radical imaginaries
Kai M. Green, Williams College
Eve Ewing, University of Chicago

SUBTHEME TWO: Rethinking gender, sexuality, family, disability and the bio-politics of what is or is not human?
Nancy Mirabal, University of Maryland
Gayatri Gopinath, New York University

SUBTHEME THREE: The future of the universities, schools, and knowledge production: maroon spaces, insurgent practices, and the future of the disciplines and the interdisciplines?
Elora Chowdhury, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Maria Cotera, University of Michigan

SUBTHEME FOUR: Post-capitalism: imagining new economic futures
Keeanga Taylor, Princeton University

SUBTHEME FIVE: Revolutions and utopian projects: sustained, incomplete and derailed
Marie Cruz Soto, New York University

SUBTHEME SIX: Political, cultural and artistic movements that “demand the impossible:” “abolition” and beyond
Shana Redmond, University of California, Los Angeles

SUBTHEME SEVEN: The earth’s future and legacies of its past: environmental justice, climate change, indigeneity, land rights, wars and occupations
Dara Cooper, National Black Food and Justice Alliance
Kiran Asher, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Travel Support
NWSA has received a generous gift from an anonymous donor to support travel grants to the NWSA conference. NWSA is working to match the gift to support the presentation of work by emerging scholars in women’s studies. Learn more and give today!