NWSA holds elections every year for governing council and constituency group chair vacancies. Refer to the NWSA Bylaws for details about individual duties of NWSA leadership postitions. Please email us with any questions.

In years past, NWSA has required all eligible voters be current members. In light of the public health crisis and resulting economic downturn, NWSA leadership has opted to open up voting eligibility to all 2019 and 2020 members. Therefore, if you had an individual membership in 2019 or you have renewed your membership for 2020, you are eligible to vote in the 2020 NWSA elections.

As you know, NWSA depends on conference registration and membership dues for financial stability. Though the Executive Committee has opted to open up voting to 2019 members who cannot renew due to financial circumstances, we sincerely hope you will consider renewing your membership for 2020, if at all possible, in order to keep our organization afloat during these incredibly difficult times.

Voting ends on August 7, 2020.

2020 Elections Updated Timeline

  • May 26: Nominations open
  • June 26: Nominations close
  • July 7: All candidates must be current individual members.
  • July 7: All candidates must complete a candidate statement in order to be listed on the ballot. Only candidates with current individual membership and completed candidate statements will be listed on the electronic ballot.
  • July 24: Electronic ballots sent to 2019 and 2020 members with a valid email address.
  • August 7: End of electronic voting.
  • Results will be announced by August 17.

2020 Governing Council Vacancies

President (2020-2022)
The President has the powers and duties usually vested in the office of a President, including but not limited to:

  • Oversight of NWSA’s day-to-day affairs in the absence of an Executive Director
  • Chairing the GC, the Executive Committee, the MA, and the national conference
  • Providing content leadership for the national conference(s) planned during the President’s term of office
  • Serving as NWSA spokesperson and external liaison in partnership with the Executive Director
  • Maintaining ex officio membership on all committees

Vice President (2020-2022)
The Vice President serves as may be required in the President’s absence with all the attendant powers and duties. The Vice President also chairs the Elections Committee, collaborating with NWSA staff to foster leadership opportunities and development throughout NWSA and to ensure the integrity of elections throughout NWSA.

Member at Large (2020-2022)
There are two positions for member-at-large on the NWSA Governing Council. The members-at-large serve on the GC for two years and are asked to serve on an awards committee for their term.

2020 Constituency Group Chair Vacancies

Aging and Ageism Caucus
Community College Caucus
Girls and Girl Studies Caucus
Indigenous People's Caucus
Jewish Caucus
North American Asian Feminist Collective Caucus
Transnational Feminisms Caucus
Undergraduate Student Caucus

Interest Groups
Animal Studies/Animal Ethics Interest Group
Arts and Performance Studies Interest Group
Asexuality Studies Interest Group
Confronting Campus Sexual Assault Interest Group
Early Modern Women Interest Group
Fat Studies Interest Group
Feminists for Justice In/For Palestine Interest Group
Feminist Media Studies Interest Group
Feminist Pedagogy Interest Group
Gender, Women’s, and Feminist Studies (GWFS) PhD Interest Group
Law and Public Policy Interest Group
Libraries and Archives Interest Group
Publishing Feminisms Interest Group
Reproductive Justice Interest Group

Task Forces
Science and Technology Task Force

Program Administrators and Directors Committee (PAD)