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Institutional Membership

As an institutional member of the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA), your department/program/center belongs to the nation's largest network of feminist scholars, educators, and activists. 

  • Become an NWSA Institutional member online
    • Click here: Join NWSA
    • ​ Follow the instructions.                     
  • Renew institutional membership online
    • Log in using the "Member/Guest Login" portal in the left menu or by clicking on "Login" in the horizontal menu at the top.
      • Please make sure you use your institutional member credentials and not your individual credentials.
    • Click on "Your Account" to get to your member portal if you are not immediately taken there.
    • Click "Membership Renewal" on the vertical left menu bar.
    • Follow the instructions.
  • Join/Renew via hardcopy
2019 Institutional Membership Dues
Dues Based on Program and Budget

Budget/Program Annual Dues
PhD-Granting Dept/Program $600
MA-Granting Dept/Program $500
Undergraduate Dept/Program/Library/Center (with non-salary budget ABOVE $10,000) $425
Undergraduate Dept/Program/Library/Center (with non-salary budget BETWEEN $5,000–10,000) $350
Undergraduate Dept/Program/Library/Center (with non-salary budget BELOW $5,000) $250
K–12 School $225
Affiliate Organization with Annual Budget less than $500,000 $350
Affiliate Organization with Annual Budget more than $500,000 $600

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please contact The National Women's Studies Association regrets that it cannot refund or transfer membership payments. Memberships expire 12/31