Membership Assembly

Membership Assembly

The NWSA bylaws establish a membership assembly which meets annually at the conference.

The Membership Assembly Meeting for 2020 information will be updated once the conference schedule is released.


  • Receive an annual report of the status of NWSA
  • Receive reports from committees and constituent groups as appropriate
  • Deliberate upon recommendations for fostering the mission of NWSA, and
  • Consider such other business as may properly come before the membership

Meeting Chair: President


Current individual members can propose member recommendations in support of the mission of NWSA.

Member recommendations that meet the requirements in the bylaws will be distributed to current members electronically, discussed at the Membership Assembly meeting and voted on after the conference.

Below are Article III Section D and section E 3 which refer to recommendations. You can read the full bylaws here.

Artilce III D 5

Any member of NWSA may propose recommendations for consideration under conditions prescribed by the GC.

  • Recommendations must be signed by at least three (3) percent of NWSA’s voting members and meet prescribed timelines in order to be considered for the agenda.

Three percent of the NWSA individual membership for 2017 is 60 members.

Article III E 3

Limitations. No action of the membership or of the MA may proceed to a vote if it will:

  • Commit NWSA resources or negatively impact its financial position
  • Impede NWSA’s ability to carry out its fiduciary responsibilities
  • Violate NWSA’s Code of Ethics
  • Threaten NWSA’s legal standing as a tax-exempt organization
  • Open NWSA up to possible liability or lawsuit (e.g., contain erroneous, tortious, or possibly libelous statements)
  • Alter the mission, purpose of NWSA, or bylaw provision that the resolution did not explicitly intend to alter

To submit a recommendation for consideration, please complete both steps by October 23

  • Complete this online form with the text of the recommendation. This text will be distributed to current individual NWSA members.
  • Email a spreadsheet with a list of 60 members (including member name, institution, and email address) who support the recommendation to NWSA staff will review the list to confirm 2017 individual membership.

See the 2015 member recommendations here.