Trans/Gender-Variant Caucus Paper Award Recipients
Trans/Gender-Variant Caucus Paper Award Recipients

2019 Award Winner
Cáel Keegan, Grand Valley State University
Paper Title: Getting Disciplined: What’s Trans* About Queer Studies Now?

2019 Honorable Mention
Joy Ellison, The Ohio State University
Paper Title: Trans Feminine Feminist and Lesbian Feminist Political Coalitions in the 1970s: Tracing a Midwestern Legacy

2018 Award Winner
alithia zamantakis, Georgia State University
Paper Title: "I EXPECT THEM TO TEACH ME": Trans/Nonbinary Negotiations of Gender/Race with Current & Long-Term Intimates

2018 Honorable Mention
T.J. Jourian, Oakland University
Paper Title: Who's Trans(*)forming Who?: A Critical Autoethnographic Reflexion on Trans In/Visibility in HESA