Lesbian Caucus Prize Recipients

Lesbian Caucus Prize Recipients

2017 Winner
Rachel Stonecipher, University of Pennsylvania
Dissertation:People Change: Fluidity, Difference, Gender, and Race in Lesbian/Queer Futurity

2017 Honorable Mention
Cristina Khan, University of Connecticut

Prize suspended to replenish funds

2015 Winner
M. Prince, University of Maryland, College Park
Dissertation:Collective Difference: Masculine of Center Cultural Production and Preformance

2014 Winner
Jasmine Nicole Salters, University of Pennsylvania
Dissertation:Wild Women Don't Have the Blues: A Black Feminist Autoethnography of Massage, Surveillance, and the Underground

2013 Winner
Elvia Mendoza, University of Texas at Austin
Dissertation:Bodies in Excess: Violence and the Politics of Memory in the Everyday Lives of Queer People of Color

2012 Winner
Dominique Hill, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Dissertation:What Happens in this House, Stays in My Spirit: A Black Girl's Story About Being Schooled

2011 Winner
Megan Rolfe, University of New York, Buffalo