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Group Chair Elections

2018 (Even year elections)

  • Aging and Ageism Caucus
  • Community College Caucus
  • Girls & Girls Studies Caucus
  • Indigenous Peoples Caucus
  • Jewish Caucus
  • North American Asian Feminist Collective Caucus
  • Undergraduate Caucus
Interest Groups
  • Animal Studies/Animal Ethics Interest Group
  • Asexuality Interest Group
  • Confronting Campus Sexual Assault Interest Group
  • Early Modern Women Interest Group
  • Fat Studies Interest Group
  • Feminists for Justice In/For Palestine
  • Feminist Media Studies Interest Group
  • Feminist Pedagogy Interest Group
  • Law and Public Policy Interest Group
  • Arts and Performance Interest Group
  • Publishing Feminisms Interest Group
  • Reproductive Justice Interest Group
  • Women's/Gender/Feminist PhD and Doctoral Students Interest Group
Task Forces
  • Librarians Task Force
  • Science and Technology Task Force
Program Administrators and Directors

2019 Elections (and odd years)

  • Feminist Mothering Caucus
  • Graduate Student Caucus
  • Lesbian Caucus
  • Queer and Trans People of Color Caucus
  • South Asian Feminist Caucus
  • Transnational Feminisms Caucus
  • Trans/Gender Variant Caucus
  • Women of Color Caucus
Interest Groups
  • Contingent Faculty Interest Group
  • Disability Studies Interest Group
  • Distance Education Interest Group
  • Feminism and Activism Interest Group
  • Feminist Masculinities Interest Group
  • Feminist Spirituality Interest Group
  • Third Wave Feminisms Interest Group
Task Forces
  • Anti White Supremacy Task Force
  • International Task Force
  • Social Justice Education Task Force
Women’s Centers

Elections Timeline
  • August 1 at 3 PM EST: All nominations due.
  • August 11: All candidates must be current individual members.
  • August 11: All candidates must complete a candidate statement in order to be listed on the ballot. Only candidates with current individual membership and completed candidate statements by 8/11 will be listed on the electronic ballot.
  • September 1: Electronic ballots sent to members with current individual memberships as of 8/11/17 and a valid email address.
  • September 15: End of electronic voting.
  • By September 25: Announcement of election results.