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Graduate Scholarship Recipients

2017 Graduate Scholarship Recipient
P. Michelle Morado Peters, University of Washington
Dissertation: “Past, Present, Pachuca: La Pachuca Sexuality and the Formation of Identity”

2017 Graduate Scholarship Honorable Mentions
Armaghan Ziaee, University of Cincinnati
Dissertation: “Transnational Modernization and the Gendered Built Environment in Iran: Altering Architectural Spaces and Gender Identities in the Early Twentieth Century (1925-1941)”

Karen Hanna, University of California, Santa Barbara
Dissertation: “Makibaka!: A Feminist Social History of the Transnational Filipina/o American Left From 1969-1992”

2016 Graduate Student Award Recipient

Sandibel Borges, University of California, Santa Barbara
Dissertation: Re-Creating Home: The Migration of Queer Latina Women

2016 Graduate Scholarship Honorable Mentions

Karen Lawford, University of Ottawa
Dissertation: Understanding the Experiences and Processes of Health Canada’s Evacuation Policy for Pregnant First Nations Women in Manitoba

Abraham Weil, University of Arizona
Dissertation: Trans Versality: Anti Black Racism, Trans Politics and Molecular Revolution

2015 Graduate Student Award Recipient
Elizabeth Verklan, University of Arizona
Dissertation: Objects of Desire: Feminist Inquiry, Transnational Feminism and Global Fashion

2015 Graduate Scholarship Honorable Mentions
Krystal Cleary, Indiana University
Dissertation: Mainstream Sideshow: Disability and Freak Discourse in Popular Culture

Cristina Perez, University of Maryland
Dissertation: Bodies on the Line: Violence, Disposable Subjects, and the Border Industrial Complex

2014 Graduate Student Award Recipients
Rosemary Ndubuizu, Rutgers University
Dissertation: Where Shall The Monsters Live? Tracking Undeserving Poor Discourses in Affordable Housing Debates

Noralis Rodriguez-Coss, University of Washington
Dissertation: Feminist Street Performances in Puerto Rico: Alternative Imaginaries of the Ideal National Body

2013 Graduate Student Award Recipient
Emek Ergun, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Dissertation: Doing Feminist Translation as Local and Transnational Political Activism: The Turkish Translation and Reception of Virgin: The Untouched History

2012 Graduate Student Award Recipient
Xiumei Pu, University of Minnesota
Dissertation: Decolonizing Knowledge Production: Eco Spiritual Literary Criticism and Literature by Chinese Women in Diaspora.

2012 Graduate Scholarship Honorable Mention
Carly Thomsen, University of California, Santa Barbara