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Annual Conference

2018 Featured Speakers

NWSA is honored to announce the participants in Keynotes and Plenary Sessions HERE, and Presidential Sessions HERE.

2018 Conference Co-Chairs
Barbara Ransby, University of Illinois, Chicago
Premilla Nadasen, Barnard College
2018 Review Chairs
SUBTHEME ONE: Afro-futurism, feminist futures, surrealist thought and radical imaginaries
Kai M. Green, Williams College
Eve Ewing, University of Chicago

SUBTHEME TWO: Rethinking gender, sexuality, family, disability and the bio-politics of what is or is not human?
Nancy Mirabal, University of Maryland
Gayatri Gopinath, New York University

SUBTHEME THREE: The future of the universities, schools, and knowledge production: maroon spaces, insurgent practices, and the future of the disciplines and the interdisciplines?
Elora Chowdhury, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Maria Cotera, University of Michigan

SUBTHEME FOUR: Post-capitalism: imagining new economic futures
Keeanga Taylor, Princeton University

SUBTHEME FIVE: Revolutions and utopian projects: sustained, incomplete and derailed
Marie Cruz Soto, New York University

SUBTHEME SIX: Political, cultural and artistic movements that “demand the impossible:” “abolition” and beyond
Shana Redmond, University of California, Los Angeles

SUBTHEME SEVEN: The earth’s future and legacies of its past: environmental justice, climate change, indigeneity, land rights, wars and occupations
Dara Cooper, National Black Food and Justice Alliance
Kiran Asher, University of Massachusetts, Amherst