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Group Chair Elections

NWSA Constituency Groups include caucuses, interest groups, and task forces.  Chairs are elected for two year terms in accordance with the bylaws.

Elections will be conducted electronically according to the timeline below. 

To self-nominate/nominate a colleague, please complete the nomination form no later than 3PM EST on August 1.  The NWSA Elections Chair will contact nominated individuals to confirm their interest in running for election and complete a candidate statement.  Complete descriptions of constituency groups and responsibilities of the chairs are available in the NWSA bylaws section on our website.  For more information about the elections process and timeline, visit the Constituency Group Chair Elections page.

To vote in constituency group elections, you must be a current individual member of NWSA and a member of the constituency group no later than 8/11/2017 and have provided a valid email address.  To join or renew your membership, visit the membership page of the website. Electronic ballots will be sent to members with current individual memberships as of 8/11/2017 with a valid email address.

To review which groups you belong to, log in to your current individual membership, click my account and then "My Caucuses" on the menu on the left hand side.

Expired members can log in to renew their membership and group memberships.

2017 Elections (and odd years)


  • Feminist Mothering Caucus
  • Graduate Student Caucus
  • Lesbian Caucus
  • South Asian Feminist Caucus
  • Transnational Feminisms Caucus
  • Trans/Gender Variant Caucus
  • Women of Color Caucus
Interest Groups
  • Contingent Faculty Interest Group
  • Disability Studies Interest Group
  • Distance Education Interest Group
  • Feminism and Activism Interest Group
  • Feminist Masculinities Interest Group
  • Feminist Spirituality Interest Group
  • Reproductive Justice Interest Group
  • Third Wave Feminisms Interest Group
Task Forces
  • Anti White Supremacy Task Force
  • International Task Force
  • Social Justice Education Task Force
Women’s Centers

2018 (Even year elections)
  • Aging and Ageism Caucus
  • Community College Caucus
  • Girls & Girls Studies Caucus
  • Jewish Caucus
  • Feminists for Justice In/For Palestine
  • North American Asian Feminist Collective Caucus
  • Undergraduate Caucus
Interest Groups
  • Animal Studies/Animal Ethics Interest Group
  • Asexuality Interest Group
  • Confronting Campus Sexual Assault Interest Group
  • Early Modern Women Interest Group
  • Fat Studies Interest Group
  • Feminist Media Studies Interest Group
  • Feminist Pedagogy Interest Group
  • Indigenous Peoples Interest Group
  • Law and Public Policy Interest Group
  • Performance Studies Interest Group
  • Publishing Feminisms Interest Group
  • Women's/Gender/Feminist PhD and Doctoral Students Interest Group
Task Forces
  • Librarians Task Force
  • Science and Technology Task Force
Program Administrators and Directors

Elections Timeline
  • August 1 at 3 PM EST: All nominations due.
  • August 11: All candidates must be current individual members.
  • August 11: All candidates must complete a candidate statement in order to be listed on the ballot. Only candidates with current individual membership and completed candidate statements by 8/11 will be listed on the electronic ballot.
  • September 1: Electronic ballots sent to members with current individual memberships as of 8/11/17 and a valid email address.
  • September 15: End of electronic voting.
  • By September 25: Announcement of election results.