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Employment Services

Employment Services
NWSA offers private professional interview spaces for hiring institutions to interview candidates. 

Candidates should apply to the position, completing the requirements as described in the employment ad, indicating that they will be attending the NWSA 2017 conference.

Hiring institutions will contact those candidates they wish to interview and arrange the interview time.  Be sure to indicate that you are participating in the NWSA employment services in your job ad.

Hiring Institutions:  To Reserve an Employment Services Space

To reserve an interview, please complete this form with payment  and return it to Patti Provance, Deputy Director no later than October 30, 2017 at
Employment Service Dates and Times:
Friday – Saturday, November 17, 18                         9AM – 7PM
Sunday, November 19                                                9AM – 12PM
Hiring institutions are responsible for arranging interviews directly with prospective candidates at mutually convenient times during the scheduled service hours.  This is not an open job fair.  Only those applicants with scheduled interview times should enter the area.
Please instruct candidates to remain in the designated waiting area outside the Employment Service area for you to lead them to your booth. 
Employer Registration Fee Includes:
•Dedicated small private interview space
•Interview hours from 9AM-7 PM Friday, and Saturday, and from 9 AM-Noon Sunday
•Unlimited job postings on the NWSA website from the time fee is paid through November 30, 2017, unless otheriwse specified
•Special listing on the conference "Employment Service" website area
To list the position on the NWSA website, you will need to complete an online form in the employment area of the website.
___  $350 Member Institution Fee
                To qualify your institution must have a current 2016 institutional membership with NWSA
___  $650  Non-member Institutions
Participating interviewers must also register for the conference.