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Exhibitor Agreement, Rules and Regulations

Exhibitor Agreement, Rules and Regulations
Reserving a booth denotes agreement with and adherence to the exhibitor agreement, exhibit rules and regulations, from NWSA and the Wisconsin Center. Print this agreement, rules, and regulations for your records.

We will abide by the rules and regulations cited before, during, and after the exhibit, and by other reasonable rules considered necessary by the National Women's Studies Association, the Wisconsin Center, and the City of Milwaukee provided that these rules do not materially alter the exhibitor's contractual rights.

All matters and questions not covered by these regulations are at the decision of Conference Management. These regulations may be amended at any time by Conference Management, and all amendments that may be so made shall be equally binding upon publication on all parties affected by them, as are the original regulations. The application to exhibit at this NWSA Annual Conference and any agreement incorporated in it shall be governed by the laws of the city of Milwaukee.

The NWSA Conference is hereby authorized to reserve space for our use in the exhibit area of the Wisconsin Center. With this order form, we are including full payment for the booth space requested. In keeping with the educational purposes of the conference, we agree that sales and order taking (entering into a contract of a sale) are limited to the exhibit floor and are not allowed in other related conference areas.  Note that exhibitors are responsible for internet, phone, and electricity services.  These are not included with the fee for reserving booth space.

We agree to abide by the booth cancellation terms and all requirements, restrictions, and obligations mentioned in this exhibitor agreement, rules and regulations and any further rules.


SPACE ASSIGNMENT: Assignment of space for NWSA exhibits is made by the NWSA national office staff in the order in which exhibitors order their booth with complete payment. Exhibit booth will be assigned on the based on the date the payment is received. In the case of multiple orders with payments received on the same date, priority will be given to the number of booths requested, exhibitors who have previously exhibited with NWSA, and those who are also advertisers. Exhibitors wishing to have 2 or more adjacent booths should order and complete payment for all booths at the same time. Contact Patti Provance directly at patti.provance@nwsa.orgto order more than one booth.

Conference Management reserves the right to rearrange the floor plan or to relocate booths.

DISMANTLING: No part of an exhibit shall be removed during the show hours. Exhibits must be kept intact until 12:00pm on 11/15/2015. Organizations who move out prior to 12 noon will be permitted to purchase a corner booth in the following year. Dismantling must follow the rules and timelines provided by J & J Exhibitors Service, the exhibit company. If not removed by the deadline provided by J & J Exhibitors Service, NWSA reserves the right to remove the exhibit at the exhibitor's cost.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Each exhibit space order must be accompanied by full payment. All payments must be made using company check/money order or approved credit card. Use the online ordering system and pay online. The online order form is considered your application.

CANCELLATION: Organizations cancelling before August 15, 2015 will receive a 50% refund of booth reservation fees. After August 15, exhibitors will be obligated for the full cost of the booth space. Organizations must notify the conference organizers in writing of any booth cancellation. The conference organizers reserve the right to cancel this contract in any event on written notice to the applicant.

INSURANCE: All exhibitors, their contractors and suppliers working in the exhibit hall are required to carry full liability insurance. Exhibitors must operate and maintain their exhibit so that no injury will result to any person or property. All exhibitors are strongly urged to obtain full coverage temporary insurance for merchandise and displays while in transit and at the exhibition. Exhibitors are responsible for their own property and items at the exhibit table during posted exhibit hours.

OTHER EXHIBITOR RULES AND REGULATIONS: Exhibitor agrees to abide by all other reasonable rules and regulations in writing by the conference organizers.

Applications from organizations with past due invoices will not be processed until all prior payments are received