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Officers and Committees

President:  Vivian M. May, Syracuse University
Vice President: Nana Osei-Kofi, Oregon State University
Secretary: Betsy Eudey, California State University Stanislaus
Treasurer: Diane Harriford, Vassar College
Past President: Yi-Chun Tricia Lin, Southern Connecticut State University
Standing Committee Representatives
Women’s Centers Committee Co-Chairs
Gina Helfrich, EvoSure
Adale Sholock, Vanderbilt University
Membership, Educational Outreach, and Programs
Seung-kyung Kim, University of Maryland, College Park
Ethics, Equity, Diversity and Accessibility Chair
Donna Thompson, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Program Administration and Development Co-Chairs
LeeRay Costa, Hollins University
Ann Burnett, North Dakota State University
Elections Chair
Adela C. Licona, University of Arizona
Constituent Group Representatives
Women of Color Caucus Co-Chairs:
Lydia Kelow-Bennett, Brown University
Karsonya Wise Whitehead, Loyola University
Lesbian Caucus Chair:
Jaime Cantrell, University of Mississippi
Regional Representative:
Kathleen Underwood, Grand Valley State University

Caucus/Task Force Representative
Fawzia Afzal-Khan, Montclair State University

Program Committee, NWSA 2015
Program Co-Chairs:
Vivian M. May, Syracuse University
Adela C. Licona, University of Arizona

Review Chairs
Debility/Vulnerability:  Lisa Diedrich, Stony Brook University
Institutions/Containments:  Elora Chowdhury, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Affect/Eros:  Laura Perez, University of California, Berkeley
Distortion/Dispossession:  Treva Lindsey, The Ohio State University

Pre Conference Chairs
Program Administration and Development: 
Ann Burnett, North Dakota State University
LeeRay Costa, Hollins University

Women's Centers
Jamie L. Huber Ward, Utah State University
Susannah Bartlow, Marquette University

Women of Color Leadership Project