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NWSA Strategic Direction 2016-2019

NWSA's strategic planning committee, together with its Governing Council, worked for nearly a year to develop a plan that will carry the organization into the next three years. The plans include strategies to strengthen members’ leadership opportunities, launch new programs, and support member engagement.


New Faculty Majority Women and Contingency Project

This initiative sponsored by the New Faculty Majority aims to call attention to the specific challenges women in contingent academic employment face, as well as the challenges of organizing them.


NWSA has released new guidelines for tenure and promotion in women's and gender studies.With these guidelines, The National Women's Studies Association Field Leadership Working Group intends to both aid candidates in navigating these barriers while calling for change in institutional practices.

NWSA PA&D Budget Survey 2012
The NWSA PAD Task Force on the Budget Crisis and Women’s Studies report on how the budget crisis affected women’s and gender studies programs.  This task force was chaired by Jill Bystydzienski and Loretta Kensinger.  The report includes results of a survey of program resources of NWSA member institutions.

National Women's Studies Association 2013 Annual Report
The National Women's Studies Association annual report highlights key activities of the Association and features some women's studies graduates' career choices.

National Women's Studies Association 2012 Annual Report
The National Women's Studies Association releases its inaugural Annual Report detailing the key activities, programs and accomplishments of the Association in 2012.

Developing a Women's Center or Women's Studies Program

  • Consider attending the Program Administration and Development or Women's Centers pre-conferences, which typically offer special sessions for new administrators.
  • Contact NWSA's national office staff for one-on-one consultations and advice.
  • Join our discussion forum to share ideas with colleagues and learn best practices.

Defining Women's Studies Scholarship: A Statement of the National Women's Studies Association Task Force on Faculty Roles and Rewards
Marjorie Pryse
In this report the National Women's Studies Association makes a disciplinary statement on behalf of women's studies faculty and program administrators addressed as well to members of promotion and tenure committees and administrators outside of women's studies.

Women's Studies Program Administrators' Handbook
Martha McCaughey
This resource offers tips on hiring and mentoring faculty, budgets, and policies, among other things.

What Programs Need: Essential Resources for Women's Studies Programs
Governing Council Statement, January 2000

Because of the diversity of women's studies programs, reflecting different histories, structures, and other conditions unique to a particular campus, it is inappropriate to set forth absolute guidelines regarding levels of support needed by all women's studies programs. It is important, however, to recognize the particular needs that all women's studies programs share.

Ms Magazine Women's Studies Section 40th Anniversary Issue Fall 2012
10 page pull out section features several articles about women's and gender studies including So You Want to Change the World?" by Michele Berger and Older and Wiser: The Transformation of NWSA by Allison Kimmich and Yi-Chun Tricia Lin.

2014 Regional Chair and Director Meeting

NWSA Institutional Resources and Benefits

These slides highlight NWSA resources and benefits.

Fundraising for Women's and Gender Studies
These slides feature strategies for identifying and obtaining foundation grants and individual gifts.

Women's and Gender Studies Student Learning Assessments
Jill Bystydyzienski's slides focus on creating effective and manageable student learning assessments.

Thought Leadership
Deborah Siegel's presentation on cultivating your role as a feminist thought leader.