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Women's Center Award Recipients

Women's Center Award Recipients

Founders Award:  Cathy Seasholes, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Women's Resource Center

Emerging Leader Award:  Theresa Rowland, Grand Valley State University Women's Center
Outstanding Achievement Award:  Amy Cleckler, Duke University Women's Center
Founders Award:  Mary Louise Allen, founder of Haverford College Women's Center


Emerging Leader Award: Rachel Storm, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Outstanding Achievement Award: Grand Valley State University’s Women’s Center
Founders Award: Judith S. White, Dartmouth College Center for Women and Gender; President and Executive Director, Higher Education Resource Services
Lifetime Achievement Award: Lamea “Elle” Shaaban-Magaña, The University of Alabama 

Emerging Leader:  Anitra Cottledge, University of Minnesota
Outstanding Achievement Award:  Susan Marine, Harvard College Women’s Center and Merrimack College
Outstanding Achievement Award:  Kathleen S. Grove, Indiana University/Purdue University (IUPUI)
Founders Award:  Sharon Davie, University of Virginia
Lifetime Achievement:  Beth Rietveld, Oregon State University 

Emerging Leader:  Sasha Smith, Emory University
Outstanding Achievement Award:  Kathleen Holgerson, University of Connecticut
Founders Award:  Deborah Evind, Portland Community College
Lifetime Achievement Award:  Amy Levine, University of California, San Francisco