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Child Care

Kimberlee Care, a licensed and bonded child-care service based in Montréal, will be available to provide onsite child care for those who have preregistered and pre-paid during breakout sessions: 

  • Thursday, November 10
  • Friday, November 11
  • Saturday, November 12
  • Sunday, November 13*

The fee is $5/hour per child. Parents are responsible for providing meals, snacks, and drinks for their child as well as all child care items, such as diapers and extra change of clothes. A refrigerator will be available in the child care room. Please do NOT  bring any food items with peanuts.

If you are interested in this service, please complete this form NO LATER than September 9, 2016. Earlier completion is encouraged to guarantee your spot.

*Sunday child care services will conclude at 12:00p.