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Women of Color Leadership Project

The NWSA Women of Color Caucus (WoCC), Program Administration and Development (PAD) Committee, and the Women’s Centers Committee (WCC) jointly sponsor the Women of Color Leadership Project (WoCLP) in conjunction with the PAD and WCC Pre-Conferences. The WoCLP is designed to increase the number of women of color students and faculty within the field of women’s studies and women’s centers and, consequently, to have an impact on the levels of participation and power by women of color in the field of women’s studies and women’s centers, in NWSA, and in the Program Administration and Development and Women’s Center Committees.

Women of color in women’s studies, ethnic studies, or related fields may apply if they aspire to leadership within women’s studies or NWSA. Applicants may include advanced graduate students, faculty, and current program administrators who wish to be more involved in program or Association leadership. The deadline to apply is May  16, 2014.

Apply for the 2014 Women of Color Leadership Project

Program Benefits
  • Valuable networking and professional development opportunities at the PAD or Women's Centers pre-conference, the NWSA general conference, and via the WoCC
  • One-year complimentary membership in NWSA
  • Complimentary registration for the NWSA general conference and the WoCLP in year one and the general conference and PAD or Women's Centers pre-conference in year two
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with other women of color who possess a similar interest in program or center administration, as well as women of color who already have administrative experience
  • The support, companionship, and advocacy of the WoCC
  • An opportunity to shape the future of the NWSA and women’s studies as a field by participating and exchanging ideas
  • Serve as a conduit for other women of color, particularly young women, to become more involved in women’s studies

Extended WoCLP Participation Period
Successful applicants will have the opportunity to participant in the project for two years.  In year one, participants will attend WoCLP sessions at the pre-conference.  In year two, participants will be able to attend either the Women's Centers or Program Administration and Development pre-conferences.  NWSA offers complimentary registration to the pre-conference and general conference events for both years, and complimentary membership in year one only.